Good Cat Names

Looking for good cat names for your new cat?choosing cat names

A lot of new cat owners go online to search for “good cat names”, but of course, “good” is a highly subjective term! One person may think Felix is a great cat name, while another might think it’s awful.

For our list of “good cat names”, we decided to list the most popular cat names in the U.S., our reasoning being that if they’re popular, they must be considered “good” buy a majority of cat owners.

In searching for a credible source, we came across Veterinary Pet Insurance, a pet insurance company with a database of 450,000 insured pets. Through this database, they were able to determine the most popular cat names in the U.S., with Chloe, Lucy, Tigger and Tiger coming out tops.  Click here to see the top 30 most popular male and female cat names in the U.S.

A good rule of thumb for picking good cat names is to keep them short. Names that are one or two syllables are best, as are names that can be shortened to one or two syllables (e.g. Sergeant Pepper Paws can be shortened to “Searg”.)