Life’s Abundance Review

Do you really know what you’re feeding your pets?

lifes-abundance-pet-foodUnlike humans, most pets eat the same food, day after day after day. When you consider this fact, it’s quite obvious that the food we’re feeding out pets is either helping them live a long, healthy life or contributing to their demise.

Like many pet owners, we thought that feeding our cat, Tyler, a certain premium brand of pet food was doing the best thing for his health.  In retrospect, I can see that we fell into the “if it’s expensive, it must be good” trap.

Well, as Tyler grew from a kitten into an adult cat, he started to get a bloody mucus in his stool and the vet couldn’t figure out why. His coat was also getting progressively dull and full of dandruff.  I started to suspect that it was the food we were feeding him, so I tried him on a variety of other brands of cat food.  I also tried putting him on a raw diet (which he wouldn’t touch – he’s a strictly dry cat food and cucumber kind of guy).

In exasperation, I got online and started doing research.  What I discovered about pet food quality was quite shocking! Unwittingly, many of us are feeding our pets an innutritious, stale and sometimes downright lethal diet (remember the pet food recalls?)  In my mind, many pet foods are the equivalent of feeding your kids fast food, day in and day out.

When I finally found Life’s Abundance dry cat food and started feeding it to Tyler, his coat became shiny and dandruff-free within a couple of weeks. More importantly, the mucus in his stool disappeared, which was a huge relief!  Our younger cat, Lilly, is a much more fussy eater than Tyler and Life’s Abundance dry cat food is the only cat food she will eat (I know because I ran out once – not good!)  She even turns her nose up at treats unless they’re the Life’s Abundance brand.

So why are Tyler and Lilly thriving on this brand of cat food?  Because it’s made with high quality ingredients that are beneficial to pets and it leaves out all the cheap ingredients and ‘fillers’ that so many other brands use.  Surprisingly, portion-by-portion, Life’s Abundance costs less than many other cat foods in supermarkets and pet stores – but I don’t care about cost.  What I really care about is helping my kitties live long and healthy lives.

I hope this story encourages you to do your own research so that you can have the joy of vibrant, healthy pets too!

You can learn more about Life’s Abundance here or you can contact us to learn how you can get a free sample!