Life’s Abundance Cat Food

What’s in your cat’s food?kitten carriage

At Life’s Abundance cat food is the ONLY food we’ve fed our cats for the past 5 years.  Read our testimonial and review here.

Why is your brand of cat food important?

The right cat food can help your cat live a long, healthy and active life. The wrong cat food can lead to illness and ailments – not to mention expensive and unnecessary veterinary bills! What kind of cat food are YOU feeding your cat? Here’s how to tell:

1. Get a bag of your current brand of cat food. Look for the Ingredient Statement on the label.

2. Read the first 5 ingredients. They play a significant role in the nutritional make-up of a food.

  • What are the protein sources? The primary source should come from quality animal protein, not vegetable protein or grain. Foods that list 2 or more grains in the first 5 ingredients may have more vegetable protein than animal protein.
  • Life’s Abundance primary protein is chicken meal. Why? Because chicken meat contains a certain amount of moisture; however, chicken meal is a concentrated source of chicken protein because most of the water has been removed. Therefore, it stands to reason that you get a greater “protein content” in 1 pound of chicken meal versus 1 pound of chicken.

  • What about grains? Two or more grains listed in the first 5 ingredients means your food may have more vegetable protein than animal protein. Grains such as soy, corn, corn gluten and wheat gluten can be difficult to digest, which means less nutrition and more clean up.
  • Life’s Abundance lists only 1 grain in the first five ingredients, ground brown rice.

  • Are there by-products? Some manufacturers consider by-products inferior sources of protein and, depending on the source, they can be difficult to digest.
  • Life’s Abundance does NOT contain by-products.

  • What are the fat sources? Some fats are better than others. The primary fat source in cat food should be animal based because animal fats contain a profile of fatty acids that are easily metabolized and thus are generally more available to the body.
    Life’s Abundance contains chicken fat.

3. Does your food contain other health-promoting ingredients, such as:
Vegetables, Beet fiber, Antioxidants, Proteinated Minerals, Bacteria cultures?

Good news!

Life’s Abundance cat food is top quality and even more affordable than many pet store and supermarket brands! If you’re interested in putting your pet on the Life’s Abundance diet, contact us to find out how you can get a free sample!

Why is Life’s Abundance Better?
Life’s Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your cat achieve optimum health. They use a “fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. They also maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of thier foods.

Life’s Abundance foods are made with the finest ingredients, including:

  • A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals
  • High-quality protein from chicken meal for strong muscles
  • An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E
  • A selection of nutritious vegetables and fruits
  • Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Dietary fiber to help maintain a healthy digestive tract

Since they use only wholesome ingredients, this Life’s Abundance contains:

  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial colors
  • No corn or corn gluten
  • No wheat or wheat gluten

At, the only thing we feed our cats is Life’s Abundance. Please contact us to learn how it can benefit your pets too!