cat names chocky

Pet Name: Chocky
Owner: Maria

This is probably an example of what you should NOT name a cat! In my defense, I was only 6 years old when I decided to name our new kitten “Chocolate Fart Bum”. I can’t exactly remember why I chose this name…I think it had something to do with the kitten’s sensitive stomach. In any event, when my mother was asked the cat’s name on her first visit to the vet, she quickly replied “er…um…ch…CHOCKY!” And so, Chocky it became.

Chocky was a Siamese/stray cat mix. Besides her lovely nature and the fact that she used to love to go on long walks with us, the most remarkable thing about her was that when her mother died unexpectedly, Chocky took over the litter of her half-brothers and sisters, and even though she had been spayed and never had a litter of her own, she started lactating and feeding them! She lived to be 16, and we all miss her dearly to this day.

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