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Welcome to the Cat Names Place photo wall. Here, you’ll find a collection of cat photos and stories about the names people chose for their felines – and why! Want to share your cat’s photo and story too? Please e-mail us at (make sure your photo is high-resolution). Enjoy!

Lilly3 thumbnailCat Name: Lilly
Owner: Maria and Scott
Lilly is a Ragdoll (a breed of cat that goes limp when you pick them up) and she is the darling of our household. She joined our family just before Easter four years ago, and since Lily’s are popular during that time of year and we wanted a feminine name, we thought that naming her after the flower would be perfect. Read More

cat names chocky smallCat Name: Chocky
Owner: Maria
This is an example of what you should NOT name a cat! In my defense, I was only 6 years old when I decided to name our new kitten “Chocolate Fart Bum”. I can’t exactly remember why I chose this name…. In any event, when my mother was asked the cat’s name on her first visit to the vet, she quickly replied “er…um…CHOCKY!” Read More

cat names suki smallCat Name: Suki
Owner: Diane
I rescued Suki from a local shelter (her name was Gracie at the time), and I decided to name her Suki after a town I visited in South Africa called Soekmekaar, meaning “searching for each other”. I decided to use the phonetic spelling of the word (instead of soekie) and coincidentally; it’s also a Japanese name meaning “beloved”. Read More

Pet Name: Baby Cat
Owner: Ann Marie
We found our kitten abandoned in our shed and fell in love with her. At the time she was smaller than a beanie baby. Since we were living in Greece at the time I wanted to name her Athena Sophia but the name “Baby Cat” is what stuck. Read More


Pet Name: Sonic
Owner: Amanda
It all started 13 years ago with a trip to the local animal hospital to look at the kittens with my Mother and younger sister. We all fell in love with this extremely rambunctious and adorable black and white kitty. Read More