About Us

The team behind this site

If you’re wondering who we are and why we’ve created this site, you’ve come to the right place!  The human part of our team comprises of me, Maria, and my husband Scott.  Our assistants are Tyler and Lilly – two gorgeous, very naughty Ragdolls who generally ‘help out’ by eating our notes, chewing our reference books and lounging on our laptops.

Together, the four of us have spent hours scouring pet and baby name books as well as countless web sites – all to bring you the very best cat names in the universe (or, at the very least, this planet)!  We hope you enjoy visiting our site and that it helps you find the perfect name for your new cat.

Contact us!

If you think we’ve left out a super-cool cat name or if you come across any typos or errors (in which case, we blame Tyler and Lilly – they’re adorably distracting), please let us know. And remember, once you’ve chosen a name for your new cat, we’d love to feature its photo and story on our photo wall!

How did we build this site?

Well, we started off very enthusiastically and then realized that we had no clue about designing, developing or search engine optimizing a website!  By some stroke of luck, we stumbled upon Site Build It! which is basically an all-in-one resource that teaches you how to build a successful website that earns you an income. (61% of SBI! sites are in the top 3% of all Internet sites.)

Now, we won’t lie to you…building a website takes a lot of time and consistent effort, but the results are incredibly rewarding. We have since begun publishing this website through WordPress (which we love) but without SBI!, we can guarantee we would never have gotten this far. We’re so glad we did and we’re so glad you came to visit!

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